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Thursday, 4 August 2011
Remember me?
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: remember me?

Deep Breath…



So, here I am again.  Remember back when I used to apologize for missing a week or a few months of updating the blog?


Well, um… sorry about kinda not updating for the past THREE AND A HALF YEARS.


I guess… time just got away from me?


Anyway, lately I have really felt the urge to get back to writing – and have been doing quite a bit of it, though not so much writings that are audience-ready.  However, there have been a few people strongly encouraging me to make (at least some of it) public.  So, it would appear that, for now, I am back in the saddle.  I’ll try to be regular about it (is there a yogurt to make your blog updates more regular?) but I can’t promise anything more than doing my best. 


So, shall we begin?


A lot has happened since I was last here.  Perhaps I should reprise the Top Ten Lists?




1)    My sister and Brother in law had a baby, Zoey Isabelle, born 1/6/11.  She’s awesome.

2)    My dad retired and as a gift we built him a really awesome workshop.

3)    I switched from teaching second grade to teaching fifth grade science and writing (I love it)

4)    I got a big girl bed (just last month – no, seriously, I was sleeping on just a metal frame – no head or footboard for the past 10 years).  This was huge.

5)    I started a serious love affair with cooking delicious things and then eating them.

6)    My two remaining cats that were Junior’s siblings (Ben and Clarabelle) died shortly after Junior and it broke my heart and devastated my bank account paying for their care (but I have no regrets).

7)    I got three new cats the day after Ben died (serendipitous story, perhaps it will be recounted here someday) and they are:


  • Jamimah (she’s named after BenJAMIn.  Get it?  BenJAMIn – JAMImah.  I always called Ben “Jama” or “Pajamaboy” anyway.  Jamimah is usually called Mimah.


  • Westley – reference the Princess Bride. Best Prince ever (except maybe Harry, he’s pretty cute)


  • Tessie – named after the Red Sox rally song by the DropKick Murphys.  I have a history of naming cats after Red Sox players.


8)    I got fat again after my sister’s wedding but lately I am back to the weight I was back then (still not 5 pounds, but not 5,000 either.)

9)    My house has started conspiring against me (there will most certainly be more about this if I stay on the blogging bandwagon.)

10) Facebook happened, which probably explains in a large part the death of the blog.



So, there you have it.  Three-plus years, in a nutshell.  Hopefully that brings us all up to speed.  I realize that blog technology has vastly improved in the years since the mid ‘00s, so I will be looking into ways to modernize things around here and maybe streamline this with my actual website, which is equally dated.  Once that happens I’ll be a bit more public about the whole thing.  For now, just kinda dipping my feet back into the water.  The new “vision” is a bit different.  Still some commentary on my own life but also maybe a few more “columnist” type posts reflecting on humanity in general.  (Don’t worry, They’ll still be plenty self-deprecating and sarcastic.  I think my world view has just widened.)  And cooking.. I’ll mention cooking more, because I’m sort of addicted to it.


So… fasten your seat belts, kids.  Here we go again!


lifts glass!





Posted by mweagle at 9:33 PM EDT
Saturday, 23 February 2008
February recap

Wow, my 2007 recap sucked!  And, very likely, so will my February wrap-up.  It is now the second-to-last day of February vacation and I am battling a very unpleasant chest cold/pneumonia/bronchitis-like illness that has been dogging me since last Sunday, the day of the manic shelf-building.  I have been waiting to build this mother of all bookshelves in my sunroom for months now, and as the day dawned on a week off, I was all over it, coughing up a great deal of cash for my wood last Saturday and, in a fit of inability to be patient and begin the next day, I began building bookshelves at 8 p.m. and continued until 2 a.m. or so, getting up again at 7 the next a.m. to complete the project by 11 Sunday morning.  They look great.  The problem is, I have been unable to accomplish anything of import since then because I quite literally kicked my own butt on that project.  From Sun. evening to Wednesday I felt as though I had been hit by a bus, and since then I can neither breathe nor talk much without coughing up a lung.  Sleeping had been impossible until last night when I took tylenol cough nighttime and slept for 15 hours filled with what dreams that I can only imagine to be similar to those of an LSD addict.  It is now 6 p.m. and I have been awake today for 3 hours so far and I am already looking forward to going back to bed.  Yuck.


I'll post pictures of my shelves soon.



Posted by mweagle at 5:58 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 23 February 2008 6:09 PM EST
Saturday, 12 January 2008
so,   September came.  School started.  I was faced with a group of pretty difficult 7-8 year olds... the wedding loomed large.  we had a bachelorette party at Mohegan sun for Valerie - a good time was had by all.  Dan (a.k.a. temporary groomzilla planned and implemented the Pre-Wedding Dinner at my folks house - a lovely night punctuated by sand-filled bags with votive candles inside lining the driveway leading guests to the equally illuminated back yard.  The wedding itself was fantastic - I shall post some photos here as soon as I get around to scanning them in.  My one regret is that I did not weigh my anticipated 5 pounds, and I had serious tan lines that, with a strapless dress, I had hoped to avoid.  Also, as I believe I posted after the eventm, I should henceforth avoid champagne at all costs, as it does not agree with me!  But, all in all, September was a good time.

Posted by mweagle at 7:39 PM EST
new year, new post...
Mood:  chatty
Topic: various

So, another year come and gone.  An email belated Xmas/New Years card will probably have referred more than a few of you here to ye olde blog, which I seem to use as a valid excuse for disappearing from the face of the Earth from time to time; though, in reality, my postings here are far too few and far between to qualify for that.  So actually I have no good excuses for the fact that, for far too many of you now, I appear once a year at the holidays (and rarely even on time!) and try to recap an entire year of happenings into one email/blog posting.  Luckily, not much usually happens that is very exciting or newsworthy, so nobody is likely to feel slighted here at having been left out of any sort of life-changing announcements.  I shall try to go in order here of how the year went. 

So:  2007:  the year in review, by Michelle L. Weagle


January, February, March, April, May:  I can’t remember much of what happened that long ago.  Hopefully if anything important happened then, I blogged about it, because if I didn’t, and if there are no pictures on my current Memory Stick, those months are gone forever.  If anyone has any comments about anything interesting that happened to me or that I caused to happen in this time period, please leave comments below.  Thank you.

June:  aaaaah, June.  School gets out, life begins!  I had actually been looking forward to getting out of school for a very long while due to my upcoming insane summer of party planning.  As I believe I did blog about after the fact, I had concocted the idea for a fortieth anniversary party for my parents this summer  (a surprise one because they would not let me or my sister do a non-surprise one) and in a bout of insanity  I decided to do this on the night before my sister’s wedding shower.  BOTH events planned at the folks’ house, in the highly unpredictable Northeast weather of the second weekend in August.  Sounds like a reality show challenge, now that I think about it…  Most of the summer was dedicated to the logistics of this party weekend, which at some times seemed as much work as planning a mid-day fourth of July attack on the Washington Monument.  The ruse to actually get my dad out of the house in time to pull this off was the trickiest – eventually we came up with the idea that he would need to go into Boston for his tuxedo fitting for Valerie’s wedding that afternoon. (We needed him out of the house long enough to give me time to take the house from “nothing going on here tonight” to “anniversary party!!!” mode. ) All went well until just before party time, as I bring you an actual transcript of the event.


Cut to 138 Central Street.  Michelle wildly paces in the front window while party guests assemble on back deck.  Michelle rushes out to instruct partygoers to park at the church.  Phone rings.  It is Valerie.

Michelle “Hi.  Where are you.?”

Valerie “We’r e at the rest stop on the Pike.  We have a small problem.  Dad wants you to meet us at the Outback for dinner.”

Michelle:  “Oh, crap.”


Valerie:  “I know.  What do I tell him?”

Michelle, wildly thinking of a valid reason that she would not be able to meet the family at the outback but coming up blank:  “Tell him I didn’t answer the phone.”

Valerie:  “He’ll make me call back.”

Michelle:  “I won’t answer.  Tell them I am probably out watering the yard for the shower.”

Valerie:  “OK.”


Cut to Michelle running wildly around the house yelling “Do NOT answer the phone, I REPEAT, do NOT answer the phone!”


BUT, in the end the weekend worked out well.  They came home, cursed the car blocking the driveway, walked around the corner, and were SURPRISED!  the weather gods smiled, everything got cooked on time, people showed up, everyone had a good time, Valerie and Dan got nice shower gifts, nobody got attacked by the wasps in the wasp nest we had failed to notice until too late, and nobody got hurt.  In second grade at least, that is a good thing.  I don’t think Dad ever did get to go to the outback but the pork tenderloin at the party was cooked with him in mind.


Ok, so after that whirlwind of a weekend, I headed up to Vermont for my friend Melissa’s wedding.  Melissa is a pal from my Middlebury days and we have WAY too many private inside jokes about stuff that happened to us when we lived in Paris and junior year and traveled around Europe on little but a wing and a prayer (and a Eurail pass, thank you Lynda.)  Anyway, as I stated at the beginning of this post, due to the fact that I rarely get to see my friends due to my job’s sucking the life out of me, I had not yet met her fiancé and did not in fact meet him until 5 minutes before the ceremony at which point I realized he was the groom and he realized I was a guest at his wedding whom he did not know and we introduced ourselves.  Fine young man.  But then again, any man who is a fiancé of Mel’s is a fiancé , uh, I mean friend of mine.  HA!  Anyhoo, the wedding was very lovely and thankfully took place on the shores of Lake Champlain at a nice spot with a lovely breeze, since it was very hot and sticky that day.  I attended these festivities with my pal Jen, with whom I also have way too many inside jokes about traveling around Barcelona and Ireland) and after the reception we headed back to the very old and proper Middlebury Inn to freshen up for the post-wedding festivities.  Here’s where the story gets weird… And I have been meaning to blog about this for a while because it seems like it is those “epiphany” moments you are supposed to be composing your life story around… I don’t get many of those but this one might qualify.  So allow me to set the scene.


Here is Michelle, back in the town of Middlebury.  Now, since graduation, being in Middlebury has always been a little weird for me.  Lots of memories, yet a campus changing so fast I barely recognize it, a weird feeling that I am in a time warp – I am in a place that in my mind goes with a 20-year old mindset but now here I am as a 34-year old.  I can’t explain it – just that it feels weird to be in a place that represents an entirely different phase of my life – one that in many ways I cherish and realize contributed to me being the Michelle I am today but in other ways reminds me of choices I made and things I did I would rather forget.  In any case, a place ripe with emotion.  The good thing is, I was here with friends, celebrating a happy time, kind of the first time in Middlebury as a tourist staying at the inn rather than an alumna revisiting old times.  So Jen and I go back to the room and Becky (another Midd kid with a husband and two hilarious kids with whom we had dined the night before) calls and asks if we want to drive around campus.  I originally say yes but when I realize she has the kids in the car I decide to stay behind since there is probably not room for me.  I hard back up to the room and check the TV to see if the Sox game in on, which it is not, which is rather devastating because ISN’T Vermont p[art of Red Sox nation? (And, incidentally, this was the night of Clay Buchholz’s no-hitter!!!).  So, no Sox available, I headed back down to the lobby.  Having spent 4 years at Midd, I had only once before been in the inn so I decided I was gonna check it out top to bottom.  Did I mention that when Jen left with Becky it was starting to rain?  Well, it was a cool feeling, rainy night in an old inn… I headed to the bar and got a glass of wine and let myself out to the big-old covered front porch.  I sat down in a bog-ol Adirondack chair and as the rain poured down around me I felt a sort of calm coming over me.  Like, I am in Middlebury and it no longer bothers me.  The ghosts of old Middlebury don’t scare me anymore.  I was having visions of the scene in Say Anything where Lloyd gets dumped and drives around in his Malibu talking to himself saying “The rain, its like a baptism.”  Sorry for the cheesy 80’s movie reference… maybe it was the wine.  So I was having this empowering moment with myself, thinking, OK, starting now, the rain is washing away anything negative I have ever associated with Middlebury…  from now on I will always feel comfortable here… Right at that moment, and I am NOT making this up, a bolt of lightning hit the telephone pole in front of the inn with the most deafening crash and blinding flash you can imagine.  I actually felt the electricity pass through my body.  Call it coincidence, but I kind of gathered my thoughts at that point and said, OK. Baptism over, Middlebury, you are my daddy.  I turned to go back in the inn and people were walking around in a state of alarm.  It was then I noticed that all the lights were out.  My little moment had apparently shut down most of Middlebury center as well as the Inn.  BUT, being the emergency-preparedness person that I am, of course I had a flashlight (and a hardhat, crowbar, etc.) in my car.  So I look around and realize that yes, indeedie, the lightning was a mere 10 feet from where I had been sitting (this is interesting, since my previous near-miss with lightning had also happened in Middlebury, the summer after I graduated.  Dan G. was at my house and both of us had the rare pleasure of live electricity coursing through our bodies…)   Anyway, Jen and I went out to Mel’s post-wedding bash (made all the more amusing by a drunk friend of the grooms who purchased bottle after bottle of Kristall with his (joint) credit card although his wife was not there… would have liked to be a fly on the wall when that bill arrived…)   anyway, when Jen and I got bacxk to the Middlebury Inn the power was still out and we went to bed.  At about 2 a.m. the A/C kicked in and, as Jen later noted, I “sprang into action” to shut the windows.  All in all, a good time.

To be honest here, I did start this post on New Years Eve but it is now January 12.  I went out for sushi and never got back to it!  I shall post this now and continue with another post for the remainder of the yearly recap!



Posted by mweagle at 7:34 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 12 January 2008 7:38 PM EST
Thursday, 29 November 2007
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Rory Christine Markowitz





Born November 28, 2007 at 4:20 p.m., to Jess and David Markowitz.  7 lb. 6 oz. 20 in.  Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing well!  Welcome to the weagleworld, Baby RC Cola!  She is perfect!!!!


Posted by mweagle at 6:01 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 29 November 2007 6:11 PM EST
Monday, 26 November 2007
and as an afterthought
Mood:  not sure

junior's obituary having been filed, just afew personal notes on the handsome little devil...

he waited for me at the door!  He would hear my key in the lock and come running.  But since he couldn't see, as soon as I opened the door he would get stuck in the crack between the door and the wall;-   I still today, knowing he was gone, opened the door cautiously!

Sometimes I would pull in the driveway and he would be in the kitchen window calling to me!  Both my other cats could actually see but couldn't be bothered!


The last few weeks he could not make it up the stairs too quick but as he heard me wake up in the morning he would start heading up.  I would usually meet him halfway up at which point he would immediately turn around and follow me down.  He was always that way: underfoot.He just wanted to be with his humans.Also, he enjoyed sitting in between the shower curtains on the rim of the tub and watching me take a shower through the clear liner.  A few times I thought he might hop in.  He really liked water, which for a cat is pretty weird.


I am mostly done being sad.  All I hope is that he is safe and warm and happy wherever he is now.

Posted by mweagle at 9:24 PM EST
On the passing of the Junie
Mood:  sad


AUBURN, MA  - Junior Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle, age 9, died on November 26, 2007 at The Cat Hospital in Auburn.  Thanks to Dr. Deborah Lindsay for her compassionate aid in his passing.  Born on August 5, 1998, Junior was the son of Phoebe Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle and an unknown but undoubtedly very large father from the Purgatory Chasm, Sutton area.  Junior leaves behind his brother, Benjamin Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle, and sister, Clarabelle Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle, with whom he lived.  He was predeceased by a brother, Sammy McGwire Weagle Davis, also known as Bessie Mae Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle.  The whereabouts of a sister, Chloe Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle, are currently unknown.  He also leaves his humans:  Michelle Weagle, of Auburn, with whom he lived, grandparents Doc and Sue Weagle, and Aunt Valerie Weagle, and many cousins, as well as the Keyes family, with whom he previously resided.

Junior was an avid snuggler, enjoying the occasional game of bat the catnip mouse, although he shied away from catnip in the pure form.  He enjoyed tuna from a can, moist cat treats, being with his humans, and grooming his siblings.  Junior enjoyed water very much, taking great pleasure in observing his humans in the acts of washing and showering, and observing his water commissioner grampa taking water samples.  Although Junior faced many health problems, including hyperthyroidism, high blood presure, blindness, and a possible brain tumor, Junior greeted each challenge with a good naturedness and determination to be at the side of his humans at every possible opportunity.  Regardless of a number of stepped-on tails and occasions of being tripped over, Junior maintained his optimism and faith in in human friends until the end.  Despite his blindness, he enjoyed being the first to greet guests at the front door.  Although his illnesses caused some instances of aggression, he remained at heart a loving and devoted companion. 

Junior, also known as Junie, Junie Petunie, Petunia, Petunia Pork Pie, Tunia, Toonces, Juneth, and Bud, will be forever remembered for his meowing morning hello and his snuggliness.  There will be no calling hours and cremation is at the discretion of the family.  Contributions in his memory may be made to the Auburn Cat Hospital, Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA 01501.

Posted by mweagle at 7:55 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 26 November 2007 8:17 PM EST
Monday, 8 October 2007
back to the blogosphere
Topic: 35

 Well, hello there people.  Contrary to my usual posts, some things have actually changed since my last visit to ye olde blog, namely, my sister is married, and I have reached the ripe old age of 35, which officially makes me old.  Let’s deal with these two items individually, shall we?


First, the wedding.  It was perfect, excellent, fantastic, beautiful, and a fun time was had by all.  Weather was amazing, ceremony was nice without being sappy, dinner was tasty and the dancing was fun.  I personally was reminded later that night why it is a very bad idea for me to drink champagne, but in no way did that cast any sort of shadow on the wedding weekend in general.  Just something for me to file under “Champagne- never drink it again, ever.”  Dan did a lovely job with the pre-wedding dinner, and my aunts hosted a lovely post-wedding brunch .  (So I hear…) So now Valerie is married and I have a brother-in-law, and I am a sister-in –law.


OK, then there’s the whole me-turning-35 thing.  To be honest, for the first time in a while, I didn’t have any sort of major “what am I doing with my life?” panic, or anything.  I think I actually just don’t care about being 35.  I spent the day making vegetable soup and vacuuming my house, and in a nice touch the Red Sox decided to sweep the Angels on my big day, but otherwise there was nothing exceptional about October seventh at all.  Funny.  I have reached the age of indifference.I would, however,  like to once again offer up thanks for Christopher Columbus for landing in the new world on approximately the same date that I was to be born almost 500 years later so that I could have a three day weekend on my birthday most years.  Amazing foresight on his part, really…


So anyway, one reason this was a bit of a remarkable weekend is the fact that for the first time since, oh, maybe March or so, I had nothing shower, anniversary party, or wedding weekend related.  Hence the vacuuming yesterday.  In a ridiculously overly optimistic mood on Friday night, I concocted a to-do list of approximately 50 items that, had I the entire Massachusetts Marine Corps of Engineers at my disposal, I would have been hard pressed to accomplish in one weekend – (The list included items such as sand, prime/paint upstairs ceiling, prune trees, scrape/reglaze and paint cellar window, etc.  - I think all I have actually done so far is do the laundry and dishes and vacuum a few rooms….)  In any case, it has been a long time since I have been able to focus on my home projects, which in many cases, are demanding some serious attention.  After ceremoniously ripping out my sunroom ceiling last July, that project hit a brick wall.  Granted, I am waiting on my electrician in order to put in lighting before I replace the ceiling, but all of the walls need to be spackled and sanded and although the joint compound and tools have been in the room for a month, I have not lifted a finger on that project.  This one kinda needs to get fast-tracked since once the cold weather hits, it is going to be mighty chilly in that room with nothing but the exposed bottom of the roof.  Not to mention that it won’t help my already astronomical oil bill.  The original goal was to have that room done by Halloween – don’t know if that will happen but goals are good to have. 

One other thing standing in the way of project completion around here is that for some reason, nobody wants to hand out building project materials for free.  I can deal with my sister raking in pile after pile of sheets, towels, and kitchen gadgets as validation of her becoming a member of the “society of people who deserve stuff because they got married” but I admit, I would kill for a few of their home depot gift cards, since I can’t see a single place in their new house which will require the purchase of lumber or sheetrock.  Home Depot mocks me, as every time I go in the place I look at what I actually need to finish a project and walk out with what I can actually afford, which in no way covers it all. 

Yeah, well, enough about that. Bottom line is I’m broke.  A year of big-time party planning, coupled with a house that presents new and interesting challenges every week or so, will do that to you.  I am hoping to refinance soon, so hopefully that good folks at Countrywide Home Loans will throw me a bone and I’ll be able to build a ceiling before first snow.  Another nice option would be to win some sort of large-payout lottery – we’ll see how that goes.

Well, let’s see, what is there in other news?  THE JOB marches on – very strange class this year.  They are very smart – perhaps the smartest overall class I’ve had – but they act like they are 4 years old.  Absolutely no self control or common sense.  I am teaching a gifted preschool.  They can learn anything, the challenge is getting them to sit down and pay attention for more than 2 seconds so I can teach it to them.  As usual, the discipline issues just take so much away from their learning time, and the kids who do behave are really missing out.


Well, I have the three-page to-do list downstairs so I can’t really justify spending any more time here on the computer when I have things to build, wash, and repair.  Now that my life is again my own I shall try to check in more often.




Posted by mweagle at 12:34 PM EDT
Monday, 10 September 2007
allright, allright, I'll blog...
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: running, revisited

Ok, so I am caving in to pressure and updating the blog.  It is a little amusing that people get on my case about my blog-neglect- I mean seriously, I can’t imagine there are people out there maniacally checking into weagleworld every few hours  in hopes of an update.  Really, people, if this is your main source of entertainment you may want to think about getting out more.  But for some unfathomable reason, people seem to care when I neglect the thing for more than a few weeks.  The even funnier thing is that these people KNOW me and they know that I have nothing of great consequence to report.  It’s not like in the past two weeks I got married, had triplets, bought a new car, and adopted a puppy.  I have done none of these.  What I did was start work, which is indeed very, very sad and a topic about which I shall not elaborate here.


OK, so here is a little update (and might I add I hope you all appreciate that I am passing up Access Hollywood tonight in order to write it.)

Today at work we started our own version of “The Biggest Loser.”  We each coughed up $25 to join in.  We weigh in every Monday and the person who loses the biggest % of weight at the last weigh in in mid-January gets a nice little holiday bonus of oh, say, $250.  Second place gets $100, third $75.  Considering I took a holiday of sorts from my plan to weigh 5 pounds by Sept. 30 (yeah, that’s in 20 days…) this little game was just what I needed to motivate me to get back on the being healthy bandwagon.  So, after a month hiatus from running, I strapped on the old Asics today and hit the pavement.  Now, going back to last May, the running thing was going well.  Although I have never really felt the love for the sport, I was holding my own and there were times even in the midst of a 5 or 6 mile run when I felt like a mighty freight train speeding down the track with no inclination to stop.  Well, let us just say that if back in May I was the freight train of running, today I was the veritable Fung Wah bus of the running world.  For the benefit of those of you unfamiliar with the Fung Wah bus, it is a bus you can catch for $10 between Boston’s Chinatown and New York’s neighborhood of the same name, or vice versa.  While Fung Wah means “magnificent wind” in Chinese, it may as well mean “Board at your own risk,” since the Fung Wahs are well known in the Boston-NYC corridor for routinely catching fire, rolling over, crashing into toll booths, or succumbing to a variety of mechanical disasters leaving all passengers to question why they didn’t just cough up the extra bucks to hop the ‘Hound.  In a related story, I actually had to staff a shelter last fall for passengers of a Fung Wah that rolled over right here in Auburn, providing them with soda and snacks borrowed from the high school booster  club while they waited for a new bus.  But I digress.


Yes, so there was my sorry Fung-Wah butt limping down the roadways of my fine town today.  I did the 6 mile route, but to say I “ran” it would be generous.  There was no fire or toll-booth destruction but there was mechanical failure enough that, had I had to go much further, there may have been some sort of rollover incident.  My ipod did not cooperate either, refusing to stay on my “running” playlist of upbeat, make-you-want-to-kick-your-own-butt music and instead offering up such motivational tunes as “You Don’t Bring me Flowers” by Barbara Streisand and some guy, and “Tom Dooley” by the Kingston Trio.  As one final insult to my poor showing, the battery actually died on Rockland Road, which is my own personal Heartbreak Hill.  Nice.

So that’s how my day went.  Hopefully this inspirational tale of triumph will hold you all until I get a chance to write again. Boy I hope so.



Posted by mweagle at 7:55 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 10 September 2007 8:03 PM EDT
Sunday, 19 August 2007
Well, only 6 weeks...
Mood:  cool

SO, it has not, as promised, been six months since I have strapped on the old blogbag.  Only a month and a half or so.  I like to think that I have somewhat good reason as this has been, I must say, largely a "working summer."  Except that I did not actually have a paying job or accomplish anything productive to my own benefit.  I have to say, for the past three months I have been a big old liar, and let me tell you, that is very hard work.  I will never be looking for employment that in any way relates to conspiracy in the future after the stress I have encounted this summer!


That being said, I can now come clean and reveal on this very blog that along with planning a bridal shower for my sister's impending nuptuals, I decided sometime over the winter that it would be a great idea to plan a surprise party for my parents' 40th anniversary on that very same weekend.  My original idea was for a Friday night party/Sunday shower brunch, but the prospect of out-of towners coming in for both party and brunch (and outside persuasion) convinced me to change the plan to Saturday night party/Sunday a.m. brunch, a daunting task with not much of a window for turnaround time...  But being of the type who enjoys a good challenge, I decided to forge ahead with the plan, although I am not going to lie, more than once this summer I cursed myself and wondered what on Earth I was ever thinking.  But the good news to report is that as far as I can tell, both events were a success and the surprise was, much to the astonishment of more than a few naysayers, actually a surprise.

 So, the funny thing that came out of this summer, as far as self-discovery goes, is that I learned that in some cases I can be quite the control freak.  Hopefully not in a bad way- I don't think at any point I turned into partyplannerzilla, but I did realize that I am so used to doing everything myself that I found it very difficult to delegate.  If I have a task to complete, I put it on my list and it gets done.  Once I outsource it to someone else, it is out of my comtrol and I think it is THAT that is stressful for me.  Maybe this is a trust issue?  I don't know, but I was totally calm about all the stuff I had to do, and handled it all pretty well and on a good timetable, it was the stuff I doled out to others that stressed me out (and to those of you "others" reading this, don't take it personally!  You did a great job and "it's not you, it's me!")  Just another little neurosis on my part.  It's funny though, lots of people had assumed I hired a caterer and asked for the name.  HA!  The meat was all fresh but the sauces were from cans and jars!  The cooking was easy, it was the secret keeping that was potentially ulcer-inducing!  Luckily my fabulous doctor Dr. Delacey came to the party so had I topped out on the blood pressure or my Dad's internal defibrillator tripped due to the surprise, there was a doctor in the house. (Not to mention that he is a long-time family friend, dating back to when he and his family lived across the street and I babysat his kids!)

OK, so parties and showers aside, I did manage to do some fun things this summer.  Though this may not figure into the typical category of "fun,"  I ripped the crappy ceiling out of my sunroom and am currently waiting for my fabulous electrician Steve Dion to come put in recessed lighting so that I can install a vaulted ceiling in there.  I forgot, however, that Steve is a busy guy and booked weeks in advance.  Hopefully I will hear from him before December so I can set up a 10 foot tree in there for my annual Xmas party.


The ceiling destruction leads beautifully into my current conumdrum, the fact that my house is a complete pigsty.  Don't know if any of you folks out there are familiar with the good old horsehair plaster, but this lovely material used in homes between the turn of the century and, I assume, until wallboard was invented, is the grittiest, messiest, heaviest material on earth.  It gets into EVERYTHING.  So, after destroying the ceiling and cleaning up all the grit I could (which I put in  my town-issued trash can which somehow withstood being mechanically lifted into the trash truck by its edges despite the fact that there was, no joke, 400 pounds of smashed plaster inside...)I kind of resigned myself to let the rest of the dust settle before doing any hard care cleaning.  Yeah, then I had the party to plan, and the shower, and it was REALLY REALLY hot and humid... long story short, my house is not pleasent to be in at this time due to its uncleanliness.  Last week I began the tidying up process by brushing Clara, my longhaired cat princess, and vacuuming the living room (fur resulting from these two acts could be used to build another entire cat) but quickly lost my mojo for the cleaning and found other things to do.  Yet now, at T-minus 7 days til I have to be back on THE JOB, it has reached red alert and tomorrow has been declared hardcore cleaning day.  There is no way I can face the stresses of THE JOB knowing I have a disaster to which I must come home.  THE JOB is a disaster enough in itself.

 So, what else?...  Junior the attack cat is now on high blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine, prednisone and prozac (no, I am not kidding, I get the prozac at CVS.)  There were two attack incidents this summer, both of which I brought on myself.  The first came while carrying him upstairs in the dark after attending a late-night concert  by project jenny, project jan (check out their new album!).  I tripped, scared him and he nearly bit off my nose.  It has, however, healed reasonably, and you can hardly even see the scar... The other time occurred as I was lounged on my living room couch watching some good TV (CSI:NY- an old hallmate from mine at Middlebury, Anna Belknap stars on the show- good to see a MIDD kid out there being successful!) when I noticed there was a bat flying around the room...  I am not at all afraid of bats (in fact I kind of like them) but I prefer them to remain OUTSIDE of my house... As I sprang up and wildly searched for something with which to corral the little bugger, Junior got spooked and went for me.  So I had to banish him to the basement, at which point I lost sight of the bat.  So I went to bed with the windows open and have not seen him since.  That was about 3 weeks ago, so I assume his echolocation led him out of the house to a more suitable environment.

OK... also, my cats got a mysterious and very tenacious case of fleas.  Note to fat cat owners:  it takes two doses of your average flea control to do the job on 20+ pounders.  We seem to have succeeded in this last attempt to eraicate them.

 Met with some of my Auburn High buds again ... just realizing I never posted the picture from last time...  anyway, its pretty funny how your conversation topics evolve as you get older.  And, at the risk of incriminating myself or anyone else at that meeting, 'nuff said about that!

As I posted earlier, I made it down to the Lighthouse Inn once and then again this weekend, courtesy of the super generous Haines family.  I have had the good fortune of having amazing weather at this place, and in a few weeks when THE JOB starts to get to me and I need to go to my happy place, I will close my eyes and be sitting out on the private Lighthouse Inn beach with a glass of wine, a perfect seabreeze, and hogging the Boston Globe Sunday crossword all to myself.  Also a good time was had at the Sandbar, both for nighttime cocktails and a full tasty breakfast.  Consider this place for your next vacay, they are the best.

Wow... long post tonight.  A look ahead?  This week consists of the aforementioned housecleaning, going in to work to set up my classroom for the incoming little darlings (pray for a class of less than 25...please...) and next weekend I head up to the old college hood of Middlebury for the wedding of my college friend and best-ever France travel buddy, Melissa.  (We pretty much conquered Western Europe together in 1993 with the help of Jen, Kristin, and a few others...)Should be a good time, assuming I get my act together here and am ready for the new school year before I leave, lest I stress about it up north where nothing can actually be accomplished!  As I said earlier, I appreciate a good challenge.  Bring on the paper towels and swiffer.

Been awhile, but here it is:

Top Ten Things one Must do in Summer

10. Read at least one non-work related book

9. Eat a soft-serve vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles (the pastel ones don't count, sprinkles must comtain blue!)

8. Get some culluh!  (color; this is Mass. talk for get out in the sun and get a (safe) tan!)

7.  Take a walk on the beach (free foot exfoliant!)

6. Plan a giant party and a wedding shower for 12 hours apart; do all the shopping/planning/cooking yourself

5. Disregard #6, I was kidding.  Not reccommended for the faint of heart.

4.  One word:  Karaoke!

3.  Watch a thunderstorm with a good glass of wine

2. Eat good fresh New England seafood!

1. Swim in an ocean!


Rock on, y'all!


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