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Wednesday, 18 July 2007
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: how rude

oh, lordy be.  Has it really been since February since I neglected the blog?  OI.  sorry, kids.  The job turned brutal and I spent all my nights curled up in a fetal position trying to forget about my day job!


YAH, so anyway, I'm on vacation now.   All is well.


Spent the past weekend at the Lighthouse Inn compound (see posts from last summer.)  Gotta love the Stones and the Hainses for being so welcoming into their perfect Cape Cod world.  Definitely makes me yearn for my summers in Wellfleet and Provincetown before the days of the mighty mortgage and all those responsibilities.  I left the cats for three days and by their reception you would think I took off for a year.  SOOOOOOO, so much has happened since the last blog.  Remember my New Year's Eve promise not to ignore the blog for more than a week?  FAILURE.    Just couldn't get to it.  And it's not like I didn't care about the people who read it, I was just DONE after days at work and couldn't get to it.  But my time at the ocean (it always refreshes me) has made me feel so much better.  So here is a quick recap of the past 6 monbths:


Jess and Dave were living with my parents til the beginning of June.  We loved having them but while they were with us their awesome black lab Kobie died.  We loved her and we feel for her sister Booda, who is now in her new house with her mom and dad. 


Valerie and Dan, my sister and future brother in law, continue to plan their wedding.  Check it out at www.danandvalerie.com  They are in the process of buying a house.  Its weird to see them go through that when basically I was predestined to buy the house I have:  don't get me wrong- I love my house but it is fun to imagine actually CHOOSING what you want. 


Speaking of which, I ripped out my sunroom ceiling last week.  Gonna put in a vaulted ceiling once the electrician comes in 3 weeks.  There's always something.  Val and Dan are looking at a (mostly) finished house.  Sometimes you don't know how good you've got it.  I'm just sayin'...


Anyway, in other news, did I mention that Junior (the aforementioned in the blog but possibly not named) cat has a possible brain tumor that is encouraging his aggressiveness? Poor bubba.  He follows me around like a shadow, can't see, is afraid of everyhing, and attacks when scared.  Yes, he's the cat that attacked at my Xmas party, but that was just the first sign that there was something wrong.  Junie has always been the most loveable of the kittens (phoebe's) and for him to become aggressive was so weird.  But it has intensified (at times- at other times he is the sweet junie of old)    But I love him still regardless of the fact that he tore apart my nose last week.  I will keep him safe until his time.  That is my job.


What else? I can't remember at the moment.  I'll be back in fewer than six months!!!!

Posted by mweagle at 9:21 PM EDT
Sunday, 18 February 2007
a few quick things

Was anyone else alarmed at the icon that popped up next to "celebratory" in my last post?  Took me a minute to realize oh, that's a cigar...

One quick note about the intermittent computer functioning...for the past two days the computer has been good to go but the furnace has been uncooperative.  So the temp thing is out the window since the last two nights have been below 40 inside the house and the computer does not seem to have any problem with that, whatsoever.  I have not checked yet but I hope that Duke, the classroom hamster who is spending Feb. vacation chez moi has survived the chill.

Anyway, good news is that Billy, the extremely cute but probably about 20 year old Peterson Oil repairman came over and seemed to have cleared things up heat-wise.  I am beginning to think that Peterson Oil installs their boilers to cut out during the night so your house goes down to 40 and you have to use up your entire delivery of oil (which only came on Thursday)  to get things back up to habitable.  Just a theory.


Top 10 things about losing your heat

10:  Drinks stay icy cold for hours!

9:  Cats feel no need to leave pawprints on radiator covers

8:  No need to worry about burning your hands under "too hot" water

7:  No clanging of steam radiators in the night

6:  good opportunity to wear the rabbit-fur hat obtained in russia for the trade of one tee shirt with English words on it... cool!

5:  Even the field mice don't want to come into my basement for warmth

4:  Billy, the Peterson Oil Repair man

3:  It's nice to go no longer than a month without chatting with the Peterson Oil answering service lady

2:  If it gets really really cold Joe Kennedy might show up at my house with a special gift from his friends in Venezuela

1:  If the pipes freeze, there must be a plumbing company around here with a thirtysomething cute repair guy.



Posted by mweagle at 2:02 PM EST
Saturday, 17 February 2007
can I get a hand for February vacation??? YEAH!!!
Mood:  celebratory

So, vacation is finally here.  And yes, loyal readers, the first item on my to-do list to be attended to is ye olde blog.  Be honored.  I did say last time I would try not to ignore you all for more than a month at a time and I have failed miserably already at that promise, but alas, here I am with nine days on my hands and for a few minutes, at least, I’m back!


All excuses aside, I must admit that aside from the usual obstacle of THE JOB and all of the draining of ability to do any witty posting that comes along with that, I have been having some serious cable internet issues which have prevented me from logging on since last post.  It seems to be somewhat weather-related, like no service when the temp drops below 20, and at the same time the internet crashes, I also lose channels 4 and 5 on my upstairs bedroom TV.  Go figure.  It is on the list to try to straighten that out this week.  So far I have quite the list going, containing both crucial items (taxes) and the more minute (get a battery for my watch), as well as the items that will not get done but I put them on the list anyway in case I am suddenly energized and at a loss for a major project to undertake (paint and organize the inside of the kitchen cabinets)  Yeah right.


So it seems kind of amazing that the month of February is more than halfway over.  Busy month in the second grade:  Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Presidents Day, Black History Month, and Dental Health Month.  And they only give us about 15 days to tackle it all.  Plus, by the grace of God we were given a snow day on actual Valentines Day which cut down on the usual madness that is the second grade on that day.  Think along the lines of “EEEEEWWWWW!  He said he loooooves me!  EEEEEW.”  Yeah.  Welcome to my world   A world I have left behind for a glorious  nine days.


  Got a few trips planned as well…  Mohegan Sun wanted to thank me for dropping a load of cash last time I visited so they sent me a $30 coupon to come dine in their fine eating establishments (and oh yes, if you feel like it also you may deposit large sums of cash in our video poker machines while you are here, no pressure or anything).  I plan to do some fine dining at Todd English’s Tuscany which serves an olive tapenade to die for.  Of all my family members, I was clearly the biggest loser last time we visited because my sister and my mom only got offered $20 off their fine dining experience.


Speaking of the biggest loser my quest to not be the biggest bridesmaid in my sisters wedding is going reasonably well for having had some holiday cheer in the mix.  Next weekend there is a bridesmaid-dress-trying-on event planned out in the big city.  I am running on the treadmill and not hating it, but looking forward to that 70 degree weather we had way back in… oh yeah, January.  Haha.  Looking forward to spring though.  And that idea for early daylight savings time (only a few weeks away I think) is pure genius.  Why didn’t somebody come up with that sooner?


Alrighty then, I think it is time to begin crossing some items off the list, beginning with “blog.”  Perhaps you shall get an update as to my progress later this week.  We’ll see how that goes.





Posted by mweagle at 11:55 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 17 February 2007 12:01 PM EST
Sunday, 7 January 2007
Its only been a week...
Mood:  accident prone

yeah, so I only ignored the blog for a week...  and not much has happened.  The weather here is crazy... yesterday it was 70 degrees and I went running in a short and t-shirt.  Very weird to be doing that on January 6th... today was not quite as warm but still I was able to run outside again with no risk of frostbite.  It was pretty tough getting back into the work-week sleep schedule (I was on the 2 a.m. to 12 p.m. sleep plan over vacation) but hopefully things are pretty much back on track.  Only 6 weeks til February vacation...  Actually since the kids have still been able to go out for recess, the full-fledged cabin fever has not really set in yet....I am sure we will pay somehow for this great weather though.

So right now I am listening to the patriots game.  I made a huge batch of vegetable soup yesterday and my dad won a 2 foot sub from the deli where he buys his lunch every day so everyone is well fed.  Val and my mom are at the wedding expo, which maybe I should have gone to with them, but I did not.  My friends Jess and Dave are currently living with my parents while the finishing touches are being put on their new house.  With the passing of the Nana, we had a free room so with some nudging we convinced them to come here rather than hole up in a hotel room for a month so they are temporary weagles along with their dogs Kobie and Booda. 


And that's about it around here.  Nothing that exciting to report.

Posted by mweagle at 3:08 PM EST
Sunday, 31 December 2006
the return of the weagle
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: the new year

Hello all, and welcome to my less-than-ceremonious return to the blog.  Those of you who complained about my dropping off the face of the earth round about October, I must say, I believe I did warn you that this would happen.  It is this moster of a job that saps every last ounce of my energy and leaves me with barely the energy to type a line or two….  Seriously, kids, I’m busy.  And my job drains my ability to come home and be interesting and witty.  But I shall try to do better in the new year.  I can’t promise ye olde blog will be my top priority but I will do what I can.  I should also point out that I am aware of several blogs with less frequent posts as my own, though I shall not name names…


So, here it is, New Years Eve, my least favorite of holidays.  Everone assumes this has to do with being single and missing out on the much touted new years kiss…. Not so much.  Actually I think it is just a dumb holiday.  It is not actually the beginning of a new year for anyone, unless you happen to be born on Jan. 1.  It is a celebration based on having to buy a new calendar and writing the wrong year on your checks for the next month or so.  It just doesn’t excite me that much, except maybe for the fect that I know my tax refund is only a month or two away…


So I guess this is where I should offer a retrospective, Weagleworld:2006 or something like that?  It would be helpful if I had had Access Hollywood following me around all year or something so I could review clips and remember what happened in 2006 but unfortunately I am left to my own devices which consist of a sketchy memory and whatever is on my memory stick from this year.  So my highlight reel might be a little anticlimactic.


One little compulsive thing that I do have around new year’s is the need to start off the year with everything clean.  Clean house, clean dishes, clean clothes.  The clean clothes one is tricky, because you can never actually have ALL your clothes clean, unless you ring in the new year in your bithhday suit, which would be highly unpleasant around here since I keep the heat at 58, max, unless I have company, then maybe I hike it up to 60 or 62.  In any case, I never feel like “laundry” can be crossed off my to-do list because, in fact, it is never actually done.


So, aside from THE JOB, not much happened between the last post and the holiday season.  Things are going pretty well with my plan to weigh approximately 5 pounds at my sister’s wedding and exercise my right to bare arms.  Right now I am kind of actually enjoying running, but I am sure that will pass.    Another few months and my knees will give out and I’ll abandon the whole thing for something else.


Had my annual holiday party which went well  except for the fact that my cat junior went completely off his rocker and attacked my cousin and sister.  Turns out he was having a reaction from being taken off his hyperthyroid medication.  I feel very, very bad about this but if anyone wants to make me feel even more bad feel free to post your comments below.  Also go ahead and check out www.danielnoyes.com for a more graphic description of the event.  Seriously, people, I feel very bad.  I will post pictures from my party on a separate page on my site – if I figure that out while I am sitting here, I may be able to link it – try clicking here.


Also I will put up some links from my parents’ annual Xmas eve open house – try clicking here for those.


OK, well, now I will get to work putting up those photos.  Perhaps I will update later.


Here are my top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


10.Don’t neglect the blog for more than a month at a time

9.Try not to spend all blogging time complaining about THE JOB

8.Drink more V-8 (its good for you and tasty too!)

7.Be nice

6.Never take cats off thyroid medication

5.If #6 must occur, do not invite company over

4.Play my guitar more

3.Go to bed earlier

2.Put my clothes away after I wash them instead of living out of laundry baskets

1.watch more TV.




Posted by mweagle at 10:03 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 10 September 2007 8:03 PM EDT
Saturday, 14 October 2006
dresses and lost blog entries
Mood:  spacey



Much to report.  Went wedding dress shopping with my sister today and she ended up buying the first dress she tried on, and it is beautiful.  I can’t talk about it here because her fiancé reads my blog so he can see how much it sucks compared to his!  All I can say is, I hope if I ever get married I can find such a perfect dress.


Yesterday I wrote an enormous blog entry about my recent walks in the cemeteries of the WC.  Unfortunately, through some horrific act of God, the whole post got deleted.  This caused me to fly into a major rage from which I have not yet fully recovered.  It is just sooooo frustrating to sit here and type for an hour (and it was great writing by the way….ha.) and then have it all disappear by some unfathomable keystroke error.  Ugh.  I have not the energy at this point to try to recreate the whole post here but perhaps if I can miraculously accomplish all 500 of the chores on my docket for tomorrow, I will be able to repost.  For now, however, it is all about laundry and the like.


One super great thing:  It smells like fall tonight.  Cool, crisp air with a hint of a wood fire burning.  Bad thing:  My house has leveled out at about 52 degrees at the moment.  The cats are huddling together for warmth, and I am considering looking for gloves.  But no heat til November 1st!


Rock on.



Posted by mweagle at 10:29 PM EDT
Tuesday, 10 October 2006
two days in a row- call me overachiever!
Topic: of walking and such

woohoo- two days in a row.  This will be a quick one as I have to be in bed by 10...  Wednesday is my killer day where the kids and I have no breaks from each other all day and after 6 hours we have just about had enough of each other.  Although as part of the weather curriculum, part of tomorrow afternoon entails kite building so that should be appropriately chaotic.  ,.  For some reason I had a horrible sleep last night - I was actually doing things like wrestling alligators in my dreams and I woke up feeling more exhausted than refreshed.  Go figure.  Don't know what inspired that kind of nocturnal madness, all I can think of is that I have seen 3 snakes while out walking this week.  Vague reptilian presence, maybe, but I don't know where the alligators came from.


OK so anyway, reading BJ's walking across Massachusetts blog yesterday I was rather amused to see that he had found only a piddling amount of spare change on his travels.  Just this week alone I believe I have acquired at least 45 cents (why is there no cents symbol on the keyboard anyway?) traversing the roadways of the WC.  So I was going to just give BJ some money-making tips but I decided to share my knowledge on this subject with all you potential money-makers out there.

OK, so, first thing, keep your eyes on the prize, kids.  Eyes cast downward, to  hell with oncoming traffic.  I suppose my vertically-challenged-ness which sets me a mere 5'2" above the pavement may help somewhat, but you gotta stay focused.  These coins just don't find you, you know.

Tip #2 is to stay off the sidewalk.  People drop stuff on the sidewalk, they pick it up.  It rolls into the road, and many a less coin-oriented person will choose to stay out of harm's way in the traffic lanes, especially for a mere copper-colored coin, but hey, their loss is my gain.

and here is my final tip for reaping your riches off the roadways of our fine nation:  busy intersections are paydirt for coin searchers.  The added element of danger here assures that only the most serious among us will reap the benefits of these particular goldmines.  I have done some thinking about this, and my current theory on intersection treasure is that most drivers (who are pretty much all a menace anyway) are taking the corners so fast at these points that their loose change simply flies out the window as they execute the turn.  And since they have likely just cut off at least one other driver, they are not likely to pull over and step out to collect their coffee change from the morning.  Many times while crossing an intersection I have found not one, not two, but even three or four coins together, sometimes even that big silver one featuring the father of our country.  The only places that I can imagine one would meet with more success would be in a "correct change only" lane on the Mass Turnpike, within fifty feet of the booth, and I would not reccommend that to even the most devoted of coin coveters.


Here is the best thing about road currency:  Because you found it, it is clearly lucky, which entitles you to immediately walk yourself down to the nearest Cumberland Farms or other Massachusetts State Lottery agent and buy a scratch ticket to scratch with the aforementioned lucky coin(s).  As a general rule, findings of $.01 to $.05 entitle you to a $1 scratch ticket, $.06 to $.15 entitle you to a $2 ticket, and any amount over $.16 is good for a 5-spot scratcher.  If you ever find an actual BILL on your walk, you are clearly the luckiest walker ever that day and you should probably hop in the car and head straight to Mohegan or Foxwoods.  You are due.


Good, now that we have that cleared up, happy hunting.  And I am not responsible for any bodily injury incurred while practicing my methods.


Allright, well, before I hit the hay I would just like to say that today, after eating all kinds of crap for the birthday weekend, I put myself on a forced march of all the steep grades in my hood, and it was actually quite pleasurable.  Another of those days when, had I no other commitments, I could have walked indefinitely.  But instead I came home and attempted to restore order (unsuccessfully, thus far) to the home office which has as of late become a dumping ground for, well, everything.  But for now I shall shut the light out on it and go to bed.

I leave you with this:

Top 10 somgs that came up on the ipod shuffle during todays forced march:

Funky Cold Medina, by Tone-Loc

On the Road Again, by Willie Nelson

I'll Tumble 4 Ya, by Culture Club

New Jack Hustler, by Ice-T

Superfly, by Curtis Mayfield

Magic Number, by De La Soul

Weapon of Choice, by Fatboy Slim

MmmBop, by Hanson (oh yeah baby!)

Mama Said Knock You Out, by LL Cool J

Goin' Down, by the Monkees

(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles, by The Proclaimers.

Ciao, bellas


 oh yeah, by the way check out the link to my family friend Jeremy's band's new video here.  Very catchy, and yes, he really is that strange in person.  And I mean that in a good way.

Posted by mweagle at 9:27 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006 8:53 PM EDT
Monday, 9 October 2006
and thank you, Mr. Columbus
Mood:  on fire
Topic: birth and bills...

Hello there sports fans.

Been a bit of a slacker on ye olde blog lately, but it was on my to do list for today, so since I am having one of those insanely-productive-cross everything-I can off-the list-days, doggonit, I'm-a gonna write.  Actually I was so into the accomplishing things and crossing them off the list today that I actually did a few things that were not on the list and then wrote them on the list simply for the pleasure of immediately crossing them off.  Sick.  I know.

Ok, so lots has happened since I last strapped on the blog feedbag.  A small recap of important events:

Had a birthday- the big 3-4.  October 7.  Always I am psyched at the awesome weather this time of year, in my very biased opinion, the best time of year to be born.  In my honor I took myself on a 8 mile walk to enjoy the great weather and foliage.  Also, happy birthday to several of those others lucky enough to have been born on the magical October 7:  Yo-Yo Ma, Desmond Tutu, John Mellencamp, Simon Cowell, Toni Braxton, and Taylor Hicks.  Wanna know who was born (or died, for that matter) on your birthday?  Go here.

Spent the weekend with Valerie and her boy Dan.  Had a nice Mexican b-day dinner and hung out.  Dan is a computer master - check out his website for photos of me  with Jessica Biel's body here...

 Had some high school friends over for a girls night out...  was supposed to be Maureen, Karen. Dorothy, Carey, and myself but ended up being only Dorothy, Carey and I.  Meant to take a picture of us for ye olde blog but forgot!  Good gossip, good food, and it motivated me to vacuum which should happen far more often than it does.

Found a stray kitten... It was a dark and stormy night and I nearly ran the poor thing over.  It spent a night at my house perched above my head on my pillow and then was the guest of honor at my aunt's pot-luck supper the next night, where things went just as I had hoped and my cousin Sara adopted the little cutie pie.  Turns out it is a girl and is free of any deadly diseases it could have transmitted to my cats.  Ah yes, I have narrowly escaped crazy-cat-lady status once again (apparently that is anything over a 3:1 cat-to-people ratio.)  See below.

uhhh... that's all I can think of that has happened lately.  So lets talk about my amazing productivity today.  During the hours of 11-4 I did the following ( I slept til 11 to honor Mr. Christopher Columbus himself.):

*stored the air conditioner in the basement after wrestling it out of the window

*paid the bills, including an approximately $800 oil bill despite the fact that I have not yet even had ONE oil delivery yet this fall (gotta love that payment plan crap)

*replaced the fur-covered fabric flap on the cellar cat door

*refolded everything in my closet, as during the past month it had deteriorated into little more than a large pile with potential to conceal small mammals or spiders

*planted the mums my ex-neighbors gave me for my birthday (and lets all hope they do OK because last year I had some mums and they fell prey to a massive slug infestation and bought the proverbial farm)

*fixed my upstairs phone cord which I very dramatically ripped out of the wall socket last month as I was running to get the phone, tripped on the loose cord and fully laid out on the guest bedroom floor

 *washed all the dirty laundry, as well as all of the throw rugs in the house

*ripped out all of the very sketchy paneling in my entry porch

well, there was probably more that I did which now is just a distant memory, but lets discuss that last item for just a moment.  I happen to live in what was, at one time, a very cute and classic craftsman bungalow home.  Unfortunately, at some point the prevcious owner(that would be my Nana, god rest her soul) was preyed upon by someone who thought it would be a FABULOUS idea to cover the entire house, with its perfect clapboards, with super cheap-ass vinyl siding.  Said siding is now either falling off, housing squirrels, or slowly rotting away the lovely wood beneath.  I would love to rip it all off but I have neither the time nor money at the current time to fill all the nail holes and deal with whatever damage has so far been done.  One thing that definitely did need to be dealt with, however, was the entry porch, which used to be an open porch but was later (very poorly) enclosed.  As my mom loves to tell me, this is everyone's "first impression" of my house.  So basically people think my whole home is crap.  I had no idea of the actual cluelessness of whomenver had performed this task until I took off the crappy paneling (paneling, enough said...) from the inside walls of the porch today.  The framing is, shall we say, interesting. Many a creature with more than 2 legs had been taking up residence in the walls of my porch.  The original plan was just to replace the paneling with wallboard, but now I am thinking there may be a new front door in the picture just to close the framing gaps.  I have to scrape and repaint the original beadboard ceiling,  then install a whole lotta insulation, wallboard, and I'll probably redo some molding around the windows to make it look less like crap.  OI.  And this was not supposed to be my major project for the fall, that was supposed to be th interior sunroom.  But that is a story for another day.


One more thing, before I take my leave here.  My friend BJ, whom you may recognize from such former posts as "The Breast Cancer 3-Day", is currently walking across Massachusetts, for lack of anything better to do.  You can check out his walk journal here.  aside from being jealous that he has the free time to do this, I must admit, this is an idea that has crossed my mind many a time.  I love to walk anyway, and many times I have known I had to turn around and get back to my crap at home and I have wondered what if I just kept going?  Miles and miles of road stretched out before me, with so many people to meet and things to see.  Unfortunately, Bj doesn't have 3 giant cats that will be beside themselves if I am not home to feed them by seven, 25 seven year olds who expect to see me front and center Monday to Friday, and a mortgage payment that comes-a-calling once a month.  So I must live vicariously through BJ Hill, and hopefully I can meet up with him soon for a little walking.


By the way, if you like BJ's idea, you gotta check out this guy:


some people have all the fun

just can't come up with a top 10 list tonight!

cheers, y'all. 




Posted by mweagle at 8:41 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 9 October 2006 9:48 PM EDT
Sunday, 24 September 2006
Go West, Young (Wo) Man!
Mood:  chillin'

OK, so when you last tuned in, I had successfully provided blister care for millions on the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  Actually immediately after the closing ceremonies, I came home to the WC, showered and changed, and then headed immediately back into Boston for BJ's 30th birthday dinner.  Took the train back to the WC and slept for a good 15 hours or so.  BJ, in some kind of 3-day brain freeze moment, spent the next morning hiking up Mt. Monadnock.  I think I would have been hard-pressed to walk up two flights of stairs after two nights at the 3-day sleeping on the inappropriately named "Big 'Ol Cot" (I would have called it the "Big 'Ol Cot with a metal Piece that Stabs Directly into your Coccyx")  But anyway, it takes all kinds, right?  I am sure I have done stranger things.  But I digress.


So the next big leg of my adventures involved changing coasts.  The original plan involved a trip to Vegas to see Amanda in her final days at Second City Vegas before heading back to perform at the Mothership of Second City which is the Chicago Main Stage.  I realized it has been a while since I've dunked a foot in the Pacific, however, so I decided to head out to Cali first to see Casey in her equally impressive stint at America's Got Talent (Casey B. Davis is the best script supervisor in the business and I have seen it with my own eyes.... check her out this season on Dancing with the Stars...) and maybe hobnob with the stars for a while out in LALA land before renting myself an automobile and driving from LA out to Vegas as one must do at least once in one's life.  I was feeling like I hadn't seen much desert in a while so this seemed the thing to do.  Plus I thought Casey might like a visitor since without the draw of the one armed bandit and hedonism of all kinds that Vegas affords, she was getting seriously less company than her sister Amanda.  So the die was cast.


I woke up nice and early the day of my trip (yeah, 3:30...took a little convincing to get mom to drive me in to Logan at that hour) and arrived at the airport in plenty of time for what I was sure would be a lovely trip on America West Airlines.  Only problem was, I could not FIND my airline.  For those of you who do not know, America West is part of US Airways, not American or Northwest, as I had guessed.  After two trips from Terminal B to Terminal E and back (and these terminals are not, I would say, in any way CLOSE to each other) I was finally told by an American ticket person that she thought I might want to try checking in at US Airways, even though there was nothing to even hint that that particular airline was in any way associated with America West.  Anyway, I had noticed that suddenly the lines for check in had become a whole lot longer.  So I finally found myself in the correct line, but unfortunately this line was on the fast track to nowhere.  We did not budge for a good half hour.  I probably should have picked up on the fact that something was going on from all the TV cameras at the International terminal, but it still was only about 5:30 and I was far from awake.  It turns out that I was unfortunate enough to be in the very first group of people boarding a plane after the international terror plot originating at Heathrow was foiled.  Security had JUST received the new guidelines from OHS or whomever sends out that stuff and they were going through everyone's luggage with a fine toothed comb for any liquids that could pose a threat to our national security.  I myself was in possession of several items determined to be a threat:  eye drops, chap stick, hand lotion, and sunblock.  My asthma inhaler was slightly suspect but in the end they let it go.  I did somehow manage to get through security and make the plane.  That trip was uneventful, except for one small suggestion I would like to make to the airlines:  If you are not going to let us bring any liquid on the plane, you need to UP your game and not give out only those skimpy half-pint crap size waters.  This was not so much apparent on the way west as it was on the way back east a week later as, after a week in Vegas, I was in quite a severe state of dehydration, as you can imagine.  I thought I might actually turn into a human raisin on the way from McCarran to Logan.  And that is all I have to say on that matter, Thank You.  So anyway, I spent a few hours in the lovely Phoenix Sky Harbor international Airport before continuing on to lovely Bob Hope Airport in sunny Burbank, California.  Hailed a cab to Casey's pad, which, despite being a mere quarter mile from the airport, I had to call Casey to give the cabbie directions.  We did finally make it and I retrieved the key from under the basil plant and let myself into Casa Mojo (Mojo is the cat, he actually lives there whereas Casey only stops by to sleep).  I put the bags down, and at that moment my phone rang.  I was wildly digging through the bags for the phone when Mojo initiated a full-on rear attack, digging in to my calves, forearm, and back simultaneously.  This was the beginning of a week-long attempt on Mojo's part to kill or seriously maim me.  Which is weird, because as anyone who knows me would realize, I am willing to bow down and worship any member of the feline community.  As far as I hear, Mojo has never attacked anything before except a full 12-pack of toilet paper.  In any case, I never turned my back on the cat again after that.  Casey was stuck at work til late and since it was about 95 degrees, I hunkered down in the A/C, figured out the direct TV, and watched myself some serious Dukes of Hazzard.  Casey appeared around 9 and cooked us up some chicken quesadillas, and the rest of the night was uneventful.  I locked Mojo out of the bedroom.
















 That's Casey's pad.  She named the pink Bougainvilliea Shirley after my Nana.

 This is Mojo.  He looks innocent enough.

This is what he did to me!

Next morn Casey had to work, so after we picked up some groceries at Trader Joes, I decided to rent myself an automobile a few days early and have myself some adventures.  She dropped me off at the Enterprise, but after realizing they did not do city-to-city rentals, I ended up taking their shuttle bus back to ye olde Bob Hope airport where National took me for all I was worth in exchange for a lovely full-size black Chevy Malibu.  They were "out" of economy size.  So I sucked it up and headed out in my Malibu for Malibu.  ugh.  So I had decided to head up to Mulholland and take it all the way over the hills up to Malibu and come on down the coast back to LA.  Great day for it - nice breeze in the hills and I thouroughly enjoyed my ride, even though my secret fantasy of getting a flat tire and being aided by a handsome movie star did not occur.  I can definitely see how all those movie stars are constantly wrecking on Mulholland though - definitely the windiest road I have been on since leaving Vermont.  No wrecks for me though- pulled out at Malibu Beach and headed back to Burbank via the Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica Boulevard.  Malibu is so weird.  First of all, it seems just plain unwise to be building homes on the side of hills that are constantly either having fires, mudslides, or earthquakes, and secondly, if you have so much money, why on earth would you want to live so close to your neighbors?  I don't get it.  I mean the beach there is nice, but I'll take the rocky coast of Maine or Nova Scotia over Malibu anyday.  Got back to Casa Mojo around 5 and watched some bad TV.  Casey was having a rough night at work and did not get home til 11, hours after I had prepared a lovely veggie calzone while never taking my eyes off Mojo.  I sat up while she ate and then we hit the sack.  You just wait though, in my next installment I will tell you about my day on the set of America's Got Talent.  I know Hasselhof and I were destined to cross paths eventually.


Token photos of the Pacific and the view from Mulholland




More later



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like I was saying...
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yeah, so now here I am almost a full month since my last entry.  Now that this whole school thing has started, I just can't seem to find the time or mood to sit down and write witty tales about my life.  Some good news about the school thing though- although I had 28 kids on my original list, I only ended up with 24.  Not the 19 I had last year but this class in general seems to be a bit more civilized than I have had the past few years - that is to say, nobody has yet made anyone else cry on purpose.  But there is still plenty of time.  All in all, I seem less stressed this year than in years past.  Maybe that is due to the fact that I have managed to incorporate excercise into my daily routine...my sister's wedding is in a year and I am determined to weigh a mere 5 pounds at that time.  Ok, maybe 10.  Anyway, so I have been going on marathon-like walks around the WC.  Fall is such a great time to be outside anyway...  I dunno.  Anyway, it would be nice if the stress level could manage to remain in the reasonable range for the entire school year but we'll see how that goes.  I sense an increase on the horizon since I had to sign up to teach for an extra hour in the after school program due to severe lack of funding to provide oil in my furnace this winter.  It definitely seems to me that I have worked long and hard enough that I should certainly be rich by now but my bank statements beg to differ.  And on the house front, I am constantly finding potentially disastrous stuff that I should be repairing but simply cannot.  At the moment I have at least plants- possibly trees- growing out of my gutters and some sort of large furry mammal living in my soffits, as well as a questionable roof situation- but the funding for these projects is nonexistent at the moment so I just kind of hope none of these hit the true disaster stage before my proverbial ship comes in.


Yeah, so that's how that goes.  School, house, etc.  I never did finish my adventures on the west coast so I guess that would be more interesting than complaining about my house and my job!



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