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Saturday, 22 July 2006
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: blogdom

OK, so this is a little more realistic picture of how my blog will go when I am not forced to be in a computer lab for two hours every afternoon... one entry per week?  maybe.  Many things have actually happened since my last entry. The rather sudden and unexpected death of the nana threw a curve into the ordinary progression of events... That whole ritual of waking and burying over, I hope I can say here with no disrespect intended, that it is damn expensive to die.  Our funeral home here in Auburn does a great job, and I don't mean to imply they are running some kind of scam, but I was looking around for the "When I'm gone throw my body in the woods and let me go back to nature so everyone can go on a nice trip with my savings" plan, and they don't offer that option.  As is to be expected, any death lends one to do some thinking about what they want for themselves when the time comes, and let me say here, in writing (does a blog hold up in court?) that whoever is in charge should sign up for the cheapest option available and blow all my money on something fun.  Amen.


OK, so anyway, a few days after the Nana funeral, I was at my aunt's house having dinner with my parents on Saturday night when on my way home I ran into a blocked off road by one of our local ponds.  Turns out there had been a double drowning and the Emergency Management guy had been trying to get hold of the members of my Energency Response Team to help out with the recovery operation.  I ended up staying til midnight at the scene, logging in divers and recording their oxygen tank volumes, etc.  They had to stop diving and start again the next a.m. so I was back there from 6 til 10 the next morning.  They still had not located one of the victims by then  but I was due to be picked up for a Maine vacation so I was excused.  They did eventually find the guy later that afternoon.  Very sad.  Moral of the story:  always wear a life jacket, even if you can swim.

So anyway, then it was off to Kennebunkport for a few days.  Went with my aunt Lynda and cousin Sara- we stayed at a very cute little motel (called the Fontenay something motel but we called it the Little Lord Fauntleroy) next to the lovely old Colony Hotel.  Two days of needed relaxation - we went to the beach (I swam in the ocean, which I haven't done in WAY too long), drove along the coast and found some great vacation sites, ate good food, drank wine, I actually read a book, which I never have time for lately...all in all, a good time and makes me remember that it is really necessary to get away once in a while.  Hoping to get to the ocean again soon.  Actually, I just booked my west coast trip for next month so around Aug. 10, I should be getting up close and personal with that other big ocean out west.


OK, so then upon my return from Maine I came into possession of roof deck tickets for the Wednesday afternoon Sox game.  Long story how I ended up with them, but all I can say is, PRICELESS.  Great view, perfect weather, you sit at a table high above right field and get waited on, $100 of free food and drink per table comes with the tickets.... my regular tickets are going to seem sorely inadequate after this Fenway experience.  And, of course, we won.  Not that Kansas City is the most challenging rival, and Tek had the day off, but hey, you can't have everything.  Those seats for a Sox/Yankees game would be so unbelieveable I can't even imagine.


So, now I am sitting here in my office which has a fabulous new desk that I made out of a door and some base units that my dad and I built...  No A/C in the room unfortunately, as the weather here totally BLOWS today, rainy and disgustingly humid.  Which leads to my top 10 for today:

Top 10 crappy weather words that start with H or T

10: tropical depression

9: thunderstorm

8: heat index

7: tornado

6: tsunami

5: hazy

4: hail

3: typhoon

2: hurricane

1: humidity



Posted by mweagle at 2:21 PM EDT
Wednesday, 5 July 2006
Welcome to Weagleblog
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: blogdom
So, here I go. Entering the world of blogdom. All this recent computer activity has come about due to the fact that the summer course I am taking (which, mind you, I am being PAID to take), requires me to spend two hours every day in the Holy Cross computer lab working on something that I guess they thought would take us 12 days but actually only took about one and a half. So I am going stir-crazy trying to think of things to do and I've wanted to try this personal website thing for a long time so this seemed like a good opportunity. Did I mention that the lab is kept at the temperature of approximately absolute zero, so even though it is 85 with one billion percent humidity outside, I am dressed like an Eskimo. Every day when I leave here I get a headache due to the extreme shock of sudden temperature change. Which made me think about things that suck but you forget how much they suck when you don't have them. So, in what may become a regular feature on my blog, here is my top ten list for today.

Top 10 things that really suck but you forget how much they suck when you don't have them:
10: headaches
9: bad boyfriends
8: intestinal flu
7: sunburns
6: dial-up internet access
5: toothaches/earaches
4: brain freezes
3: exposed nerve endings
2: severed limbs
1: that "cornflower" colord crayon in the 64 crayolas that was more wax than color but still tricked you every time.

Well on that note I am going back to the internet world to plan my trip to the west coast in August. ciao!

Posted by mweagle at 1:13 PM EDT

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