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Monday, 9 October 2006
and thank you, Mr. Columbus
Mood:  on fire
Topic: birth and bills...

Hello there sports fans.

Been a bit of a slacker on ye olde blog lately, but it was on my to do list for today, so since I am having one of those insanely-productive-cross everything-I can off-the list-days, doggonit, I'm-a gonna write.  Actually I was so into the accomplishing things and crossing them off the list today that I actually did a few things that were not on the list and then wrote them on the list simply for the pleasure of immediately crossing them off.  Sick.  I know.

Ok, so lots has happened since I last strapped on the blog feedbag.  A small recap of important events:

Had a birthday- the big 3-4.  October 7.  Always I am psyched at the awesome weather this time of year, in my very biased opinion, the best time of year to be born.  In my honor I took myself on a 8 mile walk to enjoy the great weather and foliage.  Also, happy birthday to several of those others lucky enough to have been born on the magical October 7:  Yo-Yo Ma, Desmond Tutu, John Mellencamp, Simon Cowell, Toni Braxton, and Taylor Hicks.  Wanna know who was born (or died, for that matter) on your birthday?  Go here.

Spent the weekend with Valerie and her boy Dan.  Had a nice Mexican b-day dinner and hung out.  Dan is a computer master - check out his website for photos of me  with Jessica Biel's body here...

 Had some high school friends over for a girls night out...  was supposed to be Maureen, Karen. Dorothy, Carey, and myself but ended up being only Dorothy, Carey and I.  Meant to take a picture of us for ye olde blog but forgot!  Good gossip, good food, and it motivated me to vacuum which should happen far more often than it does.

Found a stray kitten... It was a dark and stormy night and I nearly ran the poor thing over.  It spent a night at my house perched above my head on my pillow and then was the guest of honor at my aunt's pot-luck supper the next night, where things went just as I had hoped and my cousin Sara adopted the little cutie pie.  Turns out it is a girl and is free of any deadly diseases it could have transmitted to my cats.  Ah yes, I have narrowly escaped crazy-cat-lady status once again (apparently that is anything over a 3:1 cat-to-people ratio.)  See below.

uhhh... that's all I can think of that has happened lately.  So lets talk about my amazing productivity today.  During the hours of 11-4 I did the following ( I slept til 11 to honor Mr. Christopher Columbus himself.):

*stored the air conditioner in the basement after wrestling it out of the window

*paid the bills, including an approximately $800 oil bill despite the fact that I have not yet even had ONE oil delivery yet this fall (gotta love that payment plan crap)

*replaced the fur-covered fabric flap on the cellar cat door

*refolded everything in my closet, as during the past month it had deteriorated into little more than a large pile with potential to conceal small mammals or spiders

*planted the mums my ex-neighbors gave me for my birthday (and lets all hope they do OK because last year I had some mums and they fell prey to a massive slug infestation and bought the proverbial farm)

*fixed my upstairs phone cord which I very dramatically ripped out of the wall socket last month as I was running to get the phone, tripped on the loose cord and fully laid out on the guest bedroom floor

 *washed all the dirty laundry, as well as all of the throw rugs in the house

*ripped out all of the very sketchy paneling in my entry porch

well, there was probably more that I did which now is just a distant memory, but lets discuss that last item for just a moment.  I happen to live in what was, at one time, a very cute and classic craftsman bungalow home.  Unfortunately, at some point the prevcious owner(that would be my Nana, god rest her soul) was preyed upon by someone who thought it would be a FABULOUS idea to cover the entire house, with its perfect clapboards, with super cheap-ass vinyl siding.  Said siding is now either falling off, housing squirrels, or slowly rotting away the lovely wood beneath.  I would love to rip it all off but I have neither the time nor money at the current time to fill all the nail holes and deal with whatever damage has so far been done.  One thing that definitely did need to be dealt with, however, was the entry porch, which used to be an open porch but was later (very poorly) enclosed.  As my mom loves to tell me, this is everyone's "first impression" of my house.  So basically people think my whole home is crap.  I had no idea of the actual cluelessness of whomenver had performed this task until I took off the crappy paneling (paneling, enough said...) from the inside walls of the porch today.  The framing is, shall we say, interesting. Many a creature with more than 2 legs had been taking up residence in the walls of my porch.  The original plan was just to replace the paneling with wallboard, but now I am thinking there may be a new front door in the picture just to close the framing gaps.  I have to scrape and repaint the original beadboard ceiling,  then install a whole lotta insulation, wallboard, and I'll probably redo some molding around the windows to make it look less like crap.  OI.  And this was not supposed to be my major project for the fall, that was supposed to be th interior sunroom.  But that is a story for another day.


One more thing, before I take my leave here.  My friend BJ, whom you may recognize from such former posts as "The Breast Cancer 3-Day", is currently walking across Massachusetts, for lack of anything better to do.  You can check out his walk journal here.  aside from being jealous that he has the free time to do this, I must admit, this is an idea that has crossed my mind many a time.  I love to walk anyway, and many times I have known I had to turn around and get back to my crap at home and I have wondered what if I just kept going?  Miles and miles of road stretched out before me, with so many people to meet and things to see.  Unfortunately, Bj doesn't have 3 giant cats that will be beside themselves if I am not home to feed them by seven, 25 seven year olds who expect to see me front and center Monday to Friday, and a mortgage payment that comes-a-calling once a month.  So I must live vicariously through BJ Hill, and hopefully I can meet up with him soon for a little walking.


By the way, if you like BJ's idea, you gotta check out this guy:


some people have all the fun

just can't come up with a top 10 list tonight!

cheers, y'all. 




Posted by mweagle at 8:41 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 9 October 2006 9:48 PM EDT

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