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Sunday, 31 December 2006
the return of the weagle
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: the new year

Hello all, and welcome to my less-than-ceremonious return to the blog.  Those of you who complained about my dropping off the face of the earth round about October, I must say, I believe I did warn you that this would happen.  It is this moster of a job that saps every last ounce of my energy and leaves me with barely the energy to type a line or two….  Seriously, kids, I’m busy.  And my job drains my ability to come home and be interesting and witty.  But I shall try to do better in the new year.  I can’t promise ye olde blog will be my top priority but I will do what I can.  I should also point out that I am aware of several blogs with less frequent posts as my own, though I shall not name names…


So, here it is, New Years Eve, my least favorite of holidays.  Everone assumes this has to do with being single and missing out on the much touted new years kiss…. Not so much.  Actually I think it is just a dumb holiday.  It is not actually the beginning of a new year for anyone, unless you happen to be born on Jan. 1.  It is a celebration based on having to buy a new calendar and writing the wrong year on your checks for the next month or so.  It just doesn’t excite me that much, except maybe for the fect that I know my tax refund is only a month or two away…


So I guess this is where I should offer a retrospective, Weagleworld:2006 or something like that?  It would be helpful if I had had Access Hollywood following me around all year or something so I could review clips and remember what happened in 2006 but unfortunately I am left to my own devices which consist of a sketchy memory and whatever is on my memory stick from this year.  So my highlight reel might be a little anticlimactic.


One little compulsive thing that I do have around new year’s is the need to start off the year with everything clean.  Clean house, clean dishes, clean clothes.  The clean clothes one is tricky, because you can never actually have ALL your clothes clean, unless you ring in the new year in your bithhday suit, which would be highly unpleasant around here since I keep the heat at 58, max, unless I have company, then maybe I hike it up to 60 or 62.  In any case, I never feel like “laundry” can be crossed off my to-do list because, in fact, it is never actually done.


So, aside from THE JOB, not much happened between the last post and the holiday season.  Things are going pretty well with my plan to weigh approximately 5 pounds at my sister’s wedding and exercise my right to bare arms.  Right now I am kind of actually enjoying running, but I am sure that will pass.    Another few months and my knees will give out and I’ll abandon the whole thing for something else.


Had my annual holiday party which went well  except for the fact that my cat junior went completely off his rocker and attacked my cousin and sister.  Turns out he was having a reaction from being taken off his hyperthyroid medication.  I feel very, very bad about this but if anyone wants to make me feel even more bad feel free to post your comments below.  Also go ahead and check out www.danielnoyes.com for a more graphic description of the event.  Seriously, people, I feel very bad.  I will post pictures from my party on a separate page on my site – if I figure that out while I am sitting here, I may be able to link it – try clicking here.


Also I will put up some links from my parents’ annual Xmas eve open house – try clicking here for those.


OK, well, now I will get to work putting up those photos.  Perhaps I will update later.


Here are my top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


10.Don’t neglect the blog for more than a month at a time

9.Try not to spend all blogging time complaining about THE JOB

8.Drink more V-8 (its good for you and tasty too!)

7.Be nice

6.Never take cats off thyroid medication

5.If #6 must occur, do not invite company over

4.Play my guitar more

3.Go to bed earlier

2.Put my clothes away after I wash them instead of living out of laundry baskets

1.watch more TV.




Posted by mweagle at 10:03 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 10 September 2007 8:03 PM EDT

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