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Monday, 10 September 2007
allright, allright, I'll blog...
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: running, revisited

Ok, so I am caving in to pressure and updating the blog.  It is a little amusing that people get on my case about my blog-neglect- I mean seriously, I can’t imagine there are people out there maniacally checking into weagleworld every few hours  in hopes of an update.  Really, people, if this is your main source of entertainment you may want to think about getting out more.  But for some unfathomable reason, people seem to care when I neglect the thing for more than a few weeks.  The even funnier thing is that these people KNOW me and they know that I have nothing of great consequence to report.  It’s not like in the past two weeks I got married, had triplets, bought a new car, and adopted a puppy.  I have done none of these.  What I did was start work, which is indeed very, very sad and a topic about which I shall not elaborate here.


OK, so here is a little update (and might I add I hope you all appreciate that I am passing up Access Hollywood tonight in order to write it.)

Today at work we started our own version of “The Biggest Loser.”  We each coughed up $25 to join in.  We weigh in every Monday and the person who loses the biggest % of weight at the last weigh in in mid-January gets a nice little holiday bonus of oh, say, $250.  Second place gets $100, third $75.  Considering I took a holiday of sorts from my plan to weigh 5 pounds by Sept. 30 (yeah, that’s in 20 days…) this little game was just what I needed to motivate me to get back on the being healthy bandwagon.  So, after a month hiatus from running, I strapped on the old Asics today and hit the pavement.  Now, going back to last May, the running thing was going well.  Although I have never really felt the love for the sport, I was holding my own and there were times even in the midst of a 5 or 6 mile run when I felt like a mighty freight train speeding down the track with no inclination to stop.  Well, let us just say that if back in May I was the freight train of running, today I was the veritable Fung Wah bus of the running world.  For the benefit of those of you unfamiliar with the Fung Wah bus, it is a bus you can catch for $10 between Boston’s Chinatown and New York’s neighborhood of the same name, or vice versa.  While Fung Wah means “magnificent wind” in Chinese, it may as well mean “Board at your own risk,” since the Fung Wahs are well known in the Boston-NYC corridor for routinely catching fire, rolling over, crashing into toll booths, or succumbing to a variety of mechanical disasters leaving all passengers to question why they didn’t just cough up the extra bucks to hop the ‘Hound.  In a related story, I actually had to staff a shelter last fall for passengers of a Fung Wah that rolled over right here in Auburn, providing them with soda and snacks borrowed from the high school booster  club while they waited for a new bus.  But I digress.


Yes, so there was my sorry Fung-Wah butt limping down the roadways of my fine town today.  I did the 6 mile route, but to say I “ran” it would be generous.  There was no fire or toll-booth destruction but there was mechanical failure enough that, had I had to go much further, there may have been some sort of rollover incident.  My ipod did not cooperate either, refusing to stay on my “running” playlist of upbeat, make-you-want-to-kick-your-own-butt music and instead offering up such motivational tunes as “You Don’t Bring me Flowers” by Barbara Streisand and some guy, and “Tom Dooley” by the Kingston Trio.  As one final insult to my poor showing, the battery actually died on Rockland Road, which is my own personal Heartbreak Hill.  Nice.

So that’s how my day went.  Hopefully this inspirational tale of triumph will hold you all until I get a chance to write again. Boy I hope so.



Posted by mweagle at 7:55 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 10 September 2007 8:03 PM EDT

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