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Monday, 8 October 2007
back to the blogosphere
Topic: 35

 Well, hello there people.  Contrary to my usual posts, some things have actually changed since my last visit to ye olde blog, namely, my sister is married, and I have reached the ripe old age of 35, which officially makes me old.  Let’s deal with these two items individually, shall we?


First, the wedding.  It was perfect, excellent, fantastic, beautiful, and a fun time was had by all.  Weather was amazing, ceremony was nice without being sappy, dinner was tasty and the dancing was fun.  I personally was reminded later that night why it is a very bad idea for me to drink champagne, but in no way did that cast any sort of shadow on the wedding weekend in general.  Just something for me to file under “Champagne- never drink it again, ever.”  Dan did a lovely job with the pre-wedding dinner, and my aunts hosted a lovely post-wedding brunch .  (So I hear…) So now Valerie is married and I have a brother-in-law, and I am a sister-in –law.


OK, then there’s the whole me-turning-35 thing.  To be honest, for the first time in a while, I didn’t have any sort of major “what am I doing with my life?” panic, or anything.  I think I actually just don’t care about being 35.  I spent the day making vegetable soup and vacuuming my house, and in a nice touch the Red Sox decided to sweep the Angels on my big day, but otherwise there was nothing exceptional about October seventh at all.  Funny.  I have reached the age of indifference.I would, however,  like to once again offer up thanks for Christopher Columbus for landing in the new world on approximately the same date that I was to be born almost 500 years later so that I could have a three day weekend on my birthday most years.  Amazing foresight on his part, really…


So anyway, one reason this was a bit of a remarkable weekend is the fact that for the first time since, oh, maybe March or so, I had nothing shower, anniversary party, or wedding weekend related.  Hence the vacuuming yesterday.  In a ridiculously overly optimistic mood on Friday night, I concocted a to-do list of approximately 50 items that, had I the entire Massachusetts Marine Corps of Engineers at my disposal, I would have been hard pressed to accomplish in one weekend – (The list included items such as sand, prime/paint upstairs ceiling, prune trees, scrape/reglaze and paint cellar window, etc.  - I think all I have actually done so far is do the laundry and dishes and vacuum a few rooms….)  In any case, it has been a long time since I have been able to focus on my home projects, which in many cases, are demanding some serious attention.  After ceremoniously ripping out my sunroom ceiling last July, that project hit a brick wall.  Granted, I am waiting on my electrician in order to put in lighting before I replace the ceiling, but all of the walls need to be spackled and sanded and although the joint compound and tools have been in the room for a month, I have not lifted a finger on that project.  This one kinda needs to get fast-tracked since once the cold weather hits, it is going to be mighty chilly in that room with nothing but the exposed bottom of the roof.  Not to mention that it won’t help my already astronomical oil bill.  The original goal was to have that room done by Halloween – don’t know if that will happen but goals are good to have. 

One other thing standing in the way of project completion around here is that for some reason, nobody wants to hand out building project materials for free.  I can deal with my sister raking in pile after pile of sheets, towels, and kitchen gadgets as validation of her becoming a member of the “society of people who deserve stuff because they got married” but I admit, I would kill for a few of their home depot gift cards, since I can’t see a single place in their new house which will require the purchase of lumber or sheetrock.  Home Depot mocks me, as every time I go in the place I look at what I actually need to finish a project and walk out with what I can actually afford, which in no way covers it all. 

Yeah, well, enough about that. Bottom line is I’m broke.  A year of big-time party planning, coupled with a house that presents new and interesting challenges every week or so, will do that to you.  I am hoping to refinance soon, so hopefully that good folks at Countrywide Home Loans will throw me a bone and I’ll be able to build a ceiling before first snow.  Another nice option would be to win some sort of large-payout lottery – we’ll see how that goes.

Well, let’s see, what is there in other news?  THE JOB marches on – very strange class this year.  They are very smart – perhaps the smartest overall class I’ve had – but they act like they are 4 years old.  Absolutely no self control or common sense.  I am teaching a gifted preschool.  They can learn anything, the challenge is getting them to sit down and pay attention for more than 2 seconds so I can teach it to them.  As usual, the discipline issues just take so much away from their learning time, and the kids who do behave are really missing out.


Well, I have the three-page to-do list downstairs so I can’t really justify spending any more time here on the computer when I have things to build, wash, and repair.  Now that my life is again my own I shall try to check in more often.




Posted by mweagle at 12:34 PM EDT

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