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Saturday, 12 January 2008
new year, new post...
Mood:  chatty
Topic: various

So, another year come and gone.  An email belated Xmas/New Years card will probably have referred more than a few of you here to ye olde blog, which I seem to use as a valid excuse for disappearing from the face of the Earth from time to time; though, in reality, my postings here are far too few and far between to qualify for that.  So actually I have no good excuses for the fact that, for far too many of you now, I appear once a year at the holidays (and rarely even on time!) and try to recap an entire year of happenings into one email/blog posting.  Luckily, not much usually happens that is very exciting or newsworthy, so nobody is likely to feel slighted here at having been left out of any sort of life-changing announcements.  I shall try to go in order here of how the year went. 

So:  2007:  the year in review, by Michelle L. Weagle


January, February, March, April, May:  I can’t remember much of what happened that long ago.  Hopefully if anything important happened then, I blogged about it, because if I didn’t, and if there are no pictures on my current Memory Stick, those months are gone forever.  If anyone has any comments about anything interesting that happened to me or that I caused to happen in this time period, please leave comments below.  Thank you.

June:  aaaaah, June.  School gets out, life begins!  I had actually been looking forward to getting out of school for a very long while due to my upcoming insane summer of party planning.  As I believe I did blog about after the fact, I had concocted the idea for a fortieth anniversary party for my parents this summer  (a surprise one because they would not let me or my sister do a non-surprise one) and in a bout of insanity  I decided to do this on the night before my sister’s wedding shower.  BOTH events planned at the folks’ house, in the highly unpredictable Northeast weather of the second weekend in August.  Sounds like a reality show challenge, now that I think about it…  Most of the summer was dedicated to the logistics of this party weekend, which at some times seemed as much work as planning a mid-day fourth of July attack on the Washington Monument.  The ruse to actually get my dad out of the house in time to pull this off was the trickiest – eventually we came up with the idea that he would need to go into Boston for his tuxedo fitting for Valerie’s wedding that afternoon. (We needed him out of the house long enough to give me time to take the house from “nothing going on here tonight” to “anniversary party!!!” mode. ) All went well until just before party time, as I bring you an actual transcript of the event.


Cut to 138 Central Street.  Michelle wildly paces in the front window while party guests assemble on back deck.  Michelle rushes out to instruct partygoers to park at the church.  Phone rings.  It is Valerie.

Michelle “Hi.  Where are you.?”

Valerie “We’r e at the rest stop on the Pike.  We have a small problem.  Dad wants you to meet us at the Outback for dinner.”

Michelle:  “Oh, crap.”


Valerie:  “I know.  What do I tell him?”

Michelle, wildly thinking of a valid reason that she would not be able to meet the family at the outback but coming up blank:  “Tell him I didn’t answer the phone.”

Valerie:  “He’ll make me call back.”

Michelle:  “I won’t answer.  Tell them I am probably out watering the yard for the shower.”

Valerie:  “OK.”


Cut to Michelle running wildly around the house yelling “Do NOT answer the phone, I REPEAT, do NOT answer the phone!”


BUT, in the end the weekend worked out well.  They came home, cursed the car blocking the driveway, walked around the corner, and were SURPRISED!  the weather gods smiled, everything got cooked on time, people showed up, everyone had a good time, Valerie and Dan got nice shower gifts, nobody got attacked by the wasps in the wasp nest we had failed to notice until too late, and nobody got hurt.  In second grade at least, that is a good thing.  I don’t think Dad ever did get to go to the outback but the pork tenderloin at the party was cooked with him in mind.


Ok, so after that whirlwind of a weekend, I headed up to Vermont for my friend Melissa’s wedding.  Melissa is a pal from my Middlebury days and we have WAY too many private inside jokes about stuff that happened to us when we lived in Paris and junior year and traveled around Europe on little but a wing and a prayer (and a Eurail pass, thank you Lynda.)  Anyway, as I stated at the beginning of this post, due to the fact that I rarely get to see my friends due to my job’s sucking the life out of me, I had not yet met her fiancé and did not in fact meet him until 5 minutes before the ceremony at which point I realized he was the groom and he realized I was a guest at his wedding whom he did not know and we introduced ourselves.  Fine young man.  But then again, any man who is a fiancé of Mel’s is a fiancé , uh, I mean friend of mine.  HA!  Anyhoo, the wedding was very lovely and thankfully took place on the shores of Lake Champlain at a nice spot with a lovely breeze, since it was very hot and sticky that day.  I attended these festivities with my pal Jen, with whom I also have way too many inside jokes about traveling around Barcelona and Ireland) and after the reception we headed back to the very old and proper Middlebury Inn to freshen up for the post-wedding festivities.  Here’s where the story gets weird… And I have been meaning to blog about this for a while because it seems like it is those “epiphany” moments you are supposed to be composing your life story around… I don’t get many of those but this one might qualify.  So allow me to set the scene.


Here is Michelle, back in the town of Middlebury.  Now, since graduation, being in Middlebury has always been a little weird for me.  Lots of memories, yet a campus changing so fast I barely recognize it, a weird feeling that I am in a time warp – I am in a place that in my mind goes with a 20-year old mindset but now here I am as a 34-year old.  I can’t explain it – just that it feels weird to be in a place that represents an entirely different phase of my life – one that in many ways I cherish and realize contributed to me being the Michelle I am today but in other ways reminds me of choices I made and things I did I would rather forget.  In any case, a place ripe with emotion.  The good thing is, I was here with friends, celebrating a happy time, kind of the first time in Middlebury as a tourist staying at the inn rather than an alumna revisiting old times.  So Jen and I go back to the room and Becky (another Midd kid with a husband and two hilarious kids with whom we had dined the night before) calls and asks if we want to drive around campus.  I originally say yes but when I realize she has the kids in the car I decide to stay behind since there is probably not room for me.  I hard back up to the room and check the TV to see if the Sox game in on, which it is not, which is rather devastating because ISN’T Vermont p[art of Red Sox nation? (And, incidentally, this was the night of Clay Buchholz’s no-hitter!!!).  So, no Sox available, I headed back down to the lobby.  Having spent 4 years at Midd, I had only once before been in the inn so I decided I was gonna check it out top to bottom.  Did I mention that when Jen left with Becky it was starting to rain?  Well, it was a cool feeling, rainy night in an old inn… I headed to the bar and got a glass of wine and let myself out to the big-old covered front porch.  I sat down in a bog-ol Adirondack chair and as the rain poured down around me I felt a sort of calm coming over me.  Like, I am in Middlebury and it no longer bothers me.  The ghosts of old Middlebury don’t scare me anymore.  I was having visions of the scene in Say Anything where Lloyd gets dumped and drives around in his Malibu talking to himself saying “The rain, its like a baptism.”  Sorry for the cheesy 80’s movie reference… maybe it was the wine.  So I was having this empowering moment with myself, thinking, OK, starting now, the rain is washing away anything negative I have ever associated with Middlebury…  from now on I will always feel comfortable here… Right at that moment, and I am NOT making this up, a bolt of lightning hit the telephone pole in front of the inn with the most deafening crash and blinding flash you can imagine.  I actually felt the electricity pass through my body.  Call it coincidence, but I kind of gathered my thoughts at that point and said, OK. Baptism over, Middlebury, you are my daddy.  I turned to go back in the inn and people were walking around in a state of alarm.  It was then I noticed that all the lights were out.  My little moment had apparently shut down most of Middlebury center as well as the Inn.  BUT, being the emergency-preparedness person that I am, of course I had a flashlight (and a hardhat, crowbar, etc.) in my car.  So I look around and realize that yes, indeedie, the lightning was a mere 10 feet from where I had been sitting (this is interesting, since my previous near-miss with lightning had also happened in Middlebury, the summer after I graduated.  Dan G. was at my house and both of us had the rare pleasure of live electricity coursing through our bodies…)   Anyway, Jen and I went out to Mel’s post-wedding bash (made all the more amusing by a drunk friend of the grooms who purchased bottle after bottle of Kristall with his (joint) credit card although his wife was not there… would have liked to be a fly on the wall when that bill arrived…)   anyway, when Jen and I got bacxk to the Middlebury Inn the power was still out and we went to bed.  At about 2 a.m. the A/C kicked in and, as Jen later noted, I “sprang into action” to shut the windows.  All in all, a good time.

To be honest here, I did start this post on New Years Eve but it is now January 12.  I went out for sushi and never got back to it!  I shall post this now and continue with another post for the remainder of the yearly recap!



Posted by mweagle at 7:34 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 12 January 2008 7:38 PM EST

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