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Thursday, 4 August 2011
Remember me?
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: remember me?

Deep Breath…



So, here I am again.  Remember back when I used to apologize for missing a week or a few months of updating the blog?


Well, um… sorry about kinda not updating for the past THREE AND A HALF YEARS.


I guess… time just got away from me?


Anyway, lately I have really felt the urge to get back to writing – and have been doing quite a bit of it, though not so much writings that are audience-ready.  However, there have been a few people strongly encouraging me to make (at least some of it) public.  So, it would appear that, for now, I am back in the saddle.  I’ll try to be regular about it (is there a yogurt to make your blog updates more regular?) but I can’t promise anything more than doing my best. 


So, shall we begin?


A lot has happened since I was last here.  Perhaps I should reprise the Top Ten Lists?




1)    My sister and Brother in law had a baby, Zoey Isabelle, born 1/6/11.  She’s awesome.

2)    My dad retired and as a gift we built him a really awesome workshop.

3)    I switched from teaching second grade to teaching fifth grade science and writing (I love it)

4)    I got a big girl bed (just last month – no, seriously, I was sleeping on just a metal frame – no head or footboard for the past 10 years).  This was huge.

5)    I started a serious love affair with cooking delicious things and then eating them.

6)    My two remaining cats that were Junior’s siblings (Ben and Clarabelle) died shortly after Junior and it broke my heart and devastated my bank account paying for their care (but I have no regrets).

7)    I got three new cats the day after Ben died (serendipitous story, perhaps it will be recounted here someday) and they are:


  • Jamimah (she’s named after BenJAMIn.  Get it?  BenJAMIn – JAMImah.  I always called Ben “Jama” or “Pajamaboy” anyway.  Jamimah is usually called Mimah.


  • Westley – reference the Princess Bride. Best Prince ever (except maybe Harry, he’s pretty cute)


  • Tessie – named after the Red Sox rally song by the DropKick Murphys.  I have a history of naming cats after Red Sox players.


8)    I got fat again after my sister’s wedding but lately I am back to the weight I was back then (still not 5 pounds, but not 5,000 either.)

9)    My house has started conspiring against me (there will most certainly be more about this if I stay on the blogging bandwagon.)

10) Facebook happened, which probably explains in a large part the death of the blog.



So, there you have it.  Three-plus years, in a nutshell.  Hopefully that brings us all up to speed.  I realize that blog technology has vastly improved in the years since the mid ‘00s, so I will be looking into ways to modernize things around here and maybe streamline this with my actual website, which is equally dated.  Once that happens I’ll be a bit more public about the whole thing.  For now, just kinda dipping my feet back into the water.  The new “vision” is a bit different.  Still some commentary on my own life but also maybe a few more “columnist” type posts reflecting on humanity in general.  (Don’t worry, They’ll still be plenty self-deprecating and sarcastic.  I think my world view has just widened.)  And cooking.. I’ll mention cooking more, because I’m sort of addicted to it.


So… fasten your seat belts, kids.  Here we go again!


lifts glass!





Posted by mweagle at 9:33 PM EDT

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